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Hi there, my name is Michael Quilty and I am an internationally accredited snowboard instructor.

Michael Quilty
Michael Quilty, Your Private Snowboard Instructor
in front of our condo that we rented for the 2010/2011 season at Stratton Mountain
ski resort in Vermont, USA.

I am an Australian, and love my home – Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in the State of Queensland. A lot of American’s liken the Gold Coast to Newport in California.

It’s safe to say that we have an ocean view and love surfing and sailing.

But Queensland is thousands of miles away from the closest snow.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I saw snow for the first time. But since my first glimpse and my first snowboard lesson, snowboarding and instructing has filled my thoughts and became my life passion and purpose.

This passion and my life experiences have allowed me to become one of the world’s leading snowboard instructors. And while I love Australia, I spend only 4 months a year at home. Generally I spend 4 months in New Zealand and another 4 months in the USA.

I spend an average of 220 days per year on the snow as both an Instructor and a Supervisor in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere winters. This has enabled me to rack up vast invaluable experience and clock up more hours on the snow then most born and bred locals.

Often I am a guest of the resort, staying on the mountain which gives me un-restricted access to the mountain, every day of the season.

Because we travel so extensively around the world, we have developed an online program complete with a performance review as we critique videos of you snowboarding and trouble shoot frequent problem areas with movement analysis.

I have worked with Professional Snowboarders, Instructors, as well as Coaches to New Zealand Snowboard Champions, the US Open Snowboarding team and Burton Open Snowboarding team to uncover the technical aspects of their performance to share with my students and the other Elite Top Gun Instructors we train.

I have worked with some of the best trainers in the world, in business, professional development and personal development to assist me train and instruct my students to ensure that we deliver to the student’s best learning modality that is delivering to the way our students learn best.

Of course there are better boarders out there, but when it comes to instructing my students and gaining a successful outcome – I am recognised internationally as the Authority in Snowboard Instructing.

To be a truly great snowboarder you must focus on becoming a great snowboard technician. Understanding your snowboarding gear, your stance and the results of your micro movements is essential. Because we focus on safety and technical ability our students are able to safely navigate a mountain easily and effortlessly – because they are in control.

Anyone can ‘bomb’ the mountain. Anyone can go fast. Anyone can do a black run. That’s easy – point your board downhill and hang on. This takes almost no technical ability – in fact everyone can do it.

But they’re not in control; effectively they’re out of control and a danger to themselves and others.

When you can ride competently in control of your movements then you are on your way to becoming a great snowboarder, like the pro’s who have absolute control.

If you can’t follow your instructor’s line down a mountain – you’re not in control fully yet. If you can’t ride slowly, you need to go back to basics and improve your technical ability til you can.

For several years I have been reviewing products as they hit the market. Now I test products prior to their manufacture to provide companies with feedback that will make the product more comfortable, useable, safe and durable.

I am a qualified snowboard instructor in both America and New Zealand, and in my time have taught all types of group, private and adaptive snowboard lessons for adults, teenagers and children. I have worked as a supervisor, running the line up and matching clients with the correct instructor’s ability and talent.

In all of these rolls I have been very involved in the way that my clients equipment was set up and performed, as well as giving them the best service that I possible could, seeing them have a great learning experience and most of importantly, learning about this sport that we love – Snowboarding.

Your fun and safe day on the snow carving is incredibly important to me. As is your technical knowledge and understanding of your gear and movements which will provide you with foundational information that will hold you in good stead for years to come.

I look forward to working with your personally as your Private Snowboard Instructor. Join me for your first class at www.learntorideasnowboard.com today!

Once again, congratulations on your decision to learn from the experts and build good foundations as you become an expert snowboard technician.

Ride hard. Play Safe. Prove Real.


Michael Quilty
Your Private Snowboard Instructor
Q Style Snowboard Academy – Director

P.S. Always wear a helmet. You’re future intelligence depends on it.

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