EXPOSED:  International Snowboard Instructor Reveals Industry Secrets For The Beginner Snowboarder To Fast Track Their Success!

“You’ll Learn Exactly What Snowboarding Equipment You Need and What Snow Board Instructors Use For Your Best Snowboarding Ride”

For the first time you will be able to take a guided tour behind the scenes of what Top Gun Internationally Accredited Snowboard Instructors advise their students.

We’ll guide you through 10 easy steps to determining which board, boot and bindings you will need customized for your snowboarding success! To name a few …

  • save money on equipment … so you can spend more on food and accommodation
  • avoid dangerous injuries from ill-fitting equipment … such as broken legs and arms
  • spend less time on your butt and more time on your feet
  • correctly fitting equipment … means you will learn faster and enjoy your new sport more
  • Less body fatigue … which means less time in the hot tub and more time in the …

From: Michael Quilty
Elite Top Gun Snowboard Instructor
Stratton Mountain Ski Resort
Vermont, USA

Dear Snow Board Enthusiast …

Hi there, my name is Michael Quilty and I am an internationally accredited snowboard instructor.

Michael Quilty
Michael Quilty, Your Private Snowboard Instructor
in front of our condo that we rented for the 2010/2011 season at Stratton Mountain
ski resort in Vermont, USA.

I am an Australian, and love my home – Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in the State of Queensland. A lot of American’s liken the Gold Coast to Newport in California.

It’s safe to say that we have an ocean view and love surfing and sailing.

But … Queensland Is Thousands Of Miles Away From The Closest Snow

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I saw snow for the first time. But since my first glimpse and my first snowboard lesson, snowboarding and instructing has filled my thoughts and became my life passion and purpose.

This passion and my life experiences have allowed me to become one of the world’s leading snowboard instructors.

And … while I love Australia … I spend only 4 months a year at home.

Generally, I Spend 4 Months In New Zealand And Another 4 Months In The USA

I spend an average of 220 days per year on the snow as both an Instructor and a Supervisor in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere winters.

This has enabled me to rack up vast invaluable experience and clock up more hours on the snow then most born and bred locals.

Often I am a guest of the resort, staying on the mountain which gives me unrestricted access to the mountain, every day of the season.

Because we travel so extensively around the world, we have developed an online program complete with a performance review as we critique videos of you snowboarding and trouble shoot frequent problem areas with movement analysis.

I Have Worked With Professional Snowboarders And Instructors
From Around The World

As well as Coaches to New Zealand Snowboard Champions, the US Open Snowboarding team and Burton Open Snowboarding team to uncover the technical aspects of their performance to share with my students and the other Elite Top Gun Instructors we train.

I have worked with some of the best trainers in the world, in business, professional development and personal development to assist me train and instruct my students to ensure that we deliver to the student’s best learning modality that is delivering to the way our students learn best.

Of course there are better boarders out there, but when it comes to instructing my students and gaining a successful outcome – I am recognized internationally as the Authority in Snowboard Instructing.

To be a truly great snowboarder you must focus on
becoming a great snowboard technician

Understanding your snowboarding gear, your stance and the results of your micro movements is essential. Because we focus on safety and technical ability, our students are able to safely navigate a mountain easily and effortlessly – because they are in control.

Anyone can ‘bomb’ the mountain. Anyone can go fast. Anyone can do a black run. That’s easy – point your board downhill and hang on. This takes almost no technical ability – in fact, everyone can do it.

But they’re not in control … effectively they’re out of control and a danger to themselves and others.

When you can ride competently in control of your movements then you are on your way to becoming a great snowboarder, like the pro’s who have absolute control.

What Happens When You’re Not Fully In Control …

If you can’t follow your instructor’s line down a mountain – you’re not in control fully yet. If you can’t ride slowly, you need to go back to basics and improve your technical ability til you can.

For several years I have been reviewing products as they hit the market. Now I test products prior to their manufacture to provide companies with feedback that will make the product more comfortable, useable, safe and durable.

I am a qualified snowboard instructor in both America and New Zealand, and in my time have taught all types of group, private and adaptive snowboard lessons for adults, teenagers and children. I have worked as a supervisor, running the line up and matching clients with the correct instructor’s ability and talent.

In all of these roles, I have been very involved in the way  my client’s equipment was set up and how it performed.  And … giving them the best service I possibly could, seeing them have a great learning experience … and most importantly, learning about the sport that we love – Snowboarding.

So … I was SHOCKED to see that…

90% of beginner snowboarders arrive at the mountain with expensive and incorrect equipment.

People were coming to their lesson with all this new swag, only to find out that it is making it harder to learn how to snow board quickly and easily.

They were upset that they had purchased new equipment and gear … often on the recommendation of a sales clerk or friend … only learn it was not suitable for their level of experience.

Like any good building, the key to is good foundations. The same is to be said with just about everything we do in life….. Including Snowboarding!

For a successful outcome … You Absolutely Need, to have at your disposal the right information, product knowledge, tools and equipment… Right?


Top 10 Tips for Beginner Snowboarders

Top Ten Tips for Beginner Snowboarders

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Frustration And Disappointment Led To The Creation Of This Product

The reason that I created this product was borne out of frustration and disappointment.

Frustration because, when a person comes to a lesson with the wrong gear, it can make it so much harder for them to learn, this is frustrating for both the student and the instructor.

For the student, you want them to have every possible chance of success…. that is why the number of students coming to lessons is increasing exponentially every year. Taking lessons on and off snow are crucial to your Snowboarding success, particularly if you are a beginner or intermediate snowboarder.

The Wrong Snowboarding Gear Is Frustrating For The Instructor

As an Instructor, I see what people are able to do based on their ability and the product they are riding on.

When I see a person struggling to be able to skate, or make simple turns because they have the incorrect equipment (they have generally just bought it), I feel very disappointed for them, knowing that they have spent a lot of money on equipment that is not suitable.

No doubt, they feel disappointed too … that they have spent a lot of money … and it’s not helping them to ride better – it’s actually making it harder.

To have the best possible chance for success … you need to be armed with all the relevant information. What I have provided for you here is the basic information you need to get the basics set up.

I Have Taken All The Hard Work Out Of It

In fact … I’ve provided you with years of expert experience and knowledge.

Actually … when it comes to getting prepared for snowboarding, this will be the best $37 you ever spend.

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You will learn about

  • Boots - the importance on having the correct fit, starting from the ground up.  What this means for you is no blisters, no painful bones in your feet or legs, and total control over your movements
  • Bindings – how and what role they play … and the effect they have on your board’s performance … and ultimately how great you will look
  • Boards - different types of boards, and which one you should be buying … your height, your weight, and your stance are crucial to choosing the right board for you … so that your balance and style is established early in your development
  • Safety Equipment – why you should wear it … this is an often neglected aspect of snowboarding … and just recently international law has been passed that helmets must be worn when snowboarding – and Australia is the first country to enforce it for your safety
  • Socks and Base Layers – The importance of getting this right to be comfortable and warm … you can spend more time on the snow enjoying the freedom of snowboarding
  • Second Layers – why you need them, and what to look for – these are critical for your core body temperature … and if you get this wrong … you have a big PROBLEM
  • Outerwear - the important things to look for and do they have a guarantee – what this means for you is knowing that you will be kept warm, dry and peace of mind knowing that if your stitching fails – you have a product guarantee
  • Maintenance – the how to’s of maintaining your board and keeping your ride in tip top shape for the ultimate performance on powder or ice … don’t fail to perform because of your neglect
  • The Responsibility Code and Mountain Etiquette – what the rules of the mountain are and why you need to know them.  This will help keep you safe from mountain rage!

You Need To Know The What, When’s, How’s And Why’s

Just like any new gear or equipment, be it an mp3 player or a rock-climbing harness….. You need to know the what, when’s, how’s and why’s.

Snowboarding is no different.

For you to have a great day on the mountain, you will want to go dressed appropriately, you will want to have the right board, boots and bindings that will assist you in maximising your success rate and the amount of fun you have.

If you are having fun…. it is proven that you learn at a much higher rate, if you learn at a higher rate when you are having fun, then your success rate will be much higher as well.

Having The Right Information And Equipment Means …

Going to the mountain with all the right information and equipment will put you at the top of your game. You will be giving yourself a huge advantage, and setting yourself up for success.

And … no doubt you’ll ace your lessons.

When you order this book, you will be accessing years of information that I have complied into a simple resource that you can read over and over again.

While I have emphasized that this resource is for beginners … there is a lot of content that will be new to even experienced snowboards and Instructors, because of my technical product knowledge. Enjoy!


Fun in the snow

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Read Some Of The Feedback…

Here’s what we have already gained from people just like you…

And … we’d love to hear from you soon too.



Thanks Michael, this book was so helpful. I had been trying to decide what I needed to buy before I went snowboarding. There was so much information out there and to be honest I found it all very confusing. You have made it so easy to understand. From buying socks right down to how to act on the Ski Slope. Thanks Michael you’re the BEST.

Kyle, New York



Super informative, this book saved me $500 in equipment alone. Not to mention, that my first day on the Mountain was killer :)

Shawn, New Jersey



It really was great to be able to read something that was written so I could understand it. Michael, your explanations in this book where as if you where in the room with me telling me. Thanks man Cheers

Jason, New Zealand



Firstly let me say thank you. The money you saved me in my board setup alone will allow me to join you online program. Michael, this information is too cheap

Rachel, Brisbane Australia



I don’t know where to start. After reading your book, I am able to go into a store and hold an intelligent conversation with the shop assistants. This is great, without this book I would not have had the confidence to go shopping by myself.

Judith, London, UK



This is a must have book for any new Snowboarder. I was able to save money and fast track the amount of product knowledge I was able to gain and I did it all just by reading this book. Do yourself a favour and buy your copy, believe me you will not regret it.

Michelle, Wanaka New Zealand



As you have seen by our testimonials, you will find that this is a one stop information shop.

I have given you the low down on what to buy and why to buy it from stepping into a good pair of socks to protecting your head with a helmet

No longer will you have to search the web for solutions. The expert information has been provided right here – just for you. You are going to save time and money when you purchase this book, as you too will know a good deal about what you need, rather than be told that a certain product is good for you.

What’s in the Book??


Table of Contents


After reading this book you will know before you spend any money on any gear if a product is going to be right for you. I think that’s kind of important, don’t you??

Ride Hard. Play Safe. And Keep It Real.

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When you order this eBook you will receive a comprehensive guide that will help you:-

  • decide what size snowboard you need
  • get the right snowboard for you
  • how to buy a snowboard
  • do you need goggles to learn to snowboard
  • what are the best boots for beginners
  • the correct socks to wear
  • the right thermals for the location you will be visiting
  • the correct glove/mittens
  • what outerwear to purchase
  • know what a good boot is and the importance of a good fit
  • is there a difference in the choice of binding
  • what is a good beginner snowboard, is there much to choose from
  • should I be wearing more than just a helmet
  • how do I tune, maintain, and look after my equipment
  • WOW!!! is there rules on the mountain? So I have to give way to people

These are just some of the things that you will learn from buying this book

Ok, so here’s the deal…We wanted everyone to be able to afford a copy of this book … so we’ve made it a low $37 … and at that price it’s definitely a steal.

Call us Crazy, but we are also chucking in some extra FREE stuff for you!!

So when you buy your copy for only $37 you’ll get the ebook and we will also give you $243 worth of extra free bonus gifts …

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Top Ten Tips for Beginner Snowboarders - Audio Book


Bonus #2

Getting to Know your Gear valued at $97
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Getting to Know your Gear


Bonus #3

Fitting your Bindings valued at $97
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Fitting your Bindings



Guarantee Certificate


Originally this product was going to sell $97, but we want everyone to be able to afford a copy, and because we love snowboarding and we want you too. We are providing an Introductory Offer only $37, and at that price it’s definitely a steal.

For $37 you’ll get over $300 worth of product especially considering the extra free bonus gifts worth $243 that you will receive when you place your order today by midnight.


Remember your bonuses include:

Bonus Gift #1 ($49 Value) Top Ten Tips for Beginner Snowboarders Audio.

As we live in a world where we are all listening to the stereo or an mp3 or iPod, I have recorded the book onto an audio format.

So you will be able to plug me into the stereo of the car or iPod and I will be that little voice in your head letting you know everything you need to know while you are driving to the store to get you new Snowboard!!

And this is absolutely free when you order today.

You are going to get the best of both worlds… a pdf book to study from the comfort of your home or office, and an audio book so you can listen to it in the car, gym or walking the dog.

Bonus Gift #2 ($97 Value) Getting to Know your Gear

I have put together a video that walks you through the gear we talk about in the book, from socks to the board, boots, bindings and helmet.

Here … I will talk a little bit more on some of the basic principles we cover in the book, so you will be able to see exactly what you need to know.

All you have to do is order your copy of Top 10 Tips for Beginner Snowboarding and you will receive these great free bonuses. Order Now and your products will be available via an instant download.

Bonus Gift #3 ($97 Value) Fitting your bindings

In this bonus gift I have put together a video that shows you how to mount your bindings… we will take a look at whether you are regular or goofy stance, and then we will proceed to mount your bindings.



1. Top Ten Tips For Beginner Snowboarders (valued at $97)

Top Ten Tips for Beginner Snowboarders

2. Top Ten Tips For Beginner Snowboarders Audio Book (valued at $49.00)

Top Ten Tips for Beginner Snowboarders - Audio Book

3. Getting to know your Gear DVD (valued at $97.00)

Getting to Know your Gear

4. Fitting your bindings DVD (valued at $97.00)

Fitting your Bindings


Total Value of $328.00

Introductory Price $37

Instant access via electronic download…..24/7

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Now is the right time to get your copy of the Top 10 Tips for beginner Snowboarders. You have read everything here and I am guessing that you are pretty keen to get out onto that white powder in the area that you live.

I Love The Snow And I Love It When People Get Amongst It

So … what are you waiting for … start enjoying the fun and the freedom that snowboarding can give you.

Without the information that is provided to you in this book, I have seen many, many people make purchases that just don’t work for them.

I would love to be your personal shopper and instructor.

The fact of the matter is that I can’t, much to my disappointment.

But what I can do is … I can be there with you each step of the way … as I guide you on your wonderful retail journey when you are out there buying your gear.

The thing is I don’t want you to waste your money, and you don’t want to waste your money… so with a small outlay and a little forward planning, we are going to get you educated to the point that you will shop with confidence…

This eBook Will Save You Money…

So buy your copy now. Grab you credit card, follow the links, and let us work as a team…

Let’s get you Snowboarding safely and easily today!!

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To your Success,


Michael Quilty

Michael Quilty

P.S. just remember that you will receive over $300.00 worth of value for only $37

P.P.S. this book will save you time and money, and it will arm you with knowledge to save you potentially $100’s of dollars

P.P.S.S. pick up your copy now and fast track your swag to success